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The Holy Trinity Church Project

Iona Stock is a ceramicist and University of Sunderland graduate working from her home studio in Nawton. She developed a new body of work in response to the architecture and presence of Seventeen Nineteen - based in Holy Trinity Church, Sunderland.
Playing with texture, colour and the unique lighting of the space Stock has chosen the Apse as a canvas for her ideas. Reflecting the intimate space, sense of balance and calm in the forms of her organic vessels, she has created an installation that changes as the day passes, the light illuminating different elements and casting intricate shadows.
-Lily Daniels


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Thank You
I hope you have all enjoyed the exhibition!
This project has been absolutely incredible to work on!  I have been able to create some work that is full of texture and colour.

Thank you to Seventeen Nineteen at The Holy Trinity Church, Sunderland for supporting me in creating the project and the use of the Church. 

And of course a special thanks to Lily for her continued support and coordinating the whole event.

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