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Curate Your Own Pottery Experience

Introduction to pottery with a super tailored approach, throwing or handbuilding for as long or as short as you like.

Curate Your Own Pottery Experience
Curate Your Own Pottery Experience

Time & Location

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York, A170, York YO62 7RQ, UK


This session is perfect for those who want to experience making pottery in a slightly more personalised way. 

These sessions are for those who would like to learn a specific skill either throwing or handbuilding or who would like to start their pottery journey.  

There are so many different things to learn in pottery that sometimes you just want to create your own mug! If you have a specific item you would like to make pop it in the booking form. 

If you dont know what you want to make and would just like to experience throwing or handbuilding that is perfect aswell, just pop taster session in the booking form. 

These session can range from an hour to a full day allowing you to have control over the length of the sesions going up in half hour increments. For sessions over 2 hours both handbuilding and throwing can be used.

The Booking form will have the below questions:

Contact Information

Prefered day of session?

How long the session will last?

How many people?

Throwing, Handbuilding or a Both?

Is there a specific piece?

These sessions will vary in start times depending on length of session, all held in the studio shed at IMS Ceramics within the dates published on previous page. 


Due to the tailored nature of these sessions it is priced per hour with 500grams of clay per person per hour to be glazed and fired, as many pieces as you like can be made during the session which will either be recycled or kept for an additional cost. 

For One per Hour £35 

For Two per Hour £45 

For Three per Hour £65

500 grams of clay to be glazed and fired is included in the hourly price per person, any additional pieces can be kept for £2 per 100grams of clay.

This is a lot to process and decide so if you want to talk an idea through, give me an email and I can advise on the best length and style of session for you. 

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