Yorkshire Tea Collection


These pieces have been inspired by my walks around my local area during lockdown. I took my sketch book with me and after drawing on location I have then translated these drawings into designs suitable for ceramics. It  was incredible seeing all the wonderful little spots so close to my home and really made me appreciate why I enjoy living in this part of the world. 


The pieces have then been hand thrown on my potter's wheel in my local studio and then the design is hand painted onto the surface in blue slip. I have really enjoyed the peacefulness that lockdown provided, giving me the time and space to really observe nature and the passing of time. I was in my final year of university when lockdown hit so moved back in with my parents and decided to set up my own studio and put my other plans on hold. 


I have made these into functional pieces as I want to share my little piece of paradise bringing joy to people's everyday lives which is even more important in these uncertain times. I feel that using local handmade items really enhances the experience whether that be a cup of tea or coffee either by yourself or a socially distanced catch up with a friend.

Hazy Forest

The Hazy Forest Design is inspired by a wooded area with a lake in Botton. Botton is a valley next to Rosedale on the North Yorkshire Moors, I got this inspiration from taking my dog for a walk there. 

Flooded Field Design
The Flooded Field Design is inspired by going out for a dog walk in Salton, we walked past a flooded field with ice. I have then taken these images and handpainted them onto the vessels.