Throwing Experiences

Pots and Prosecco

Fancy learning a new skill? Or just need an afternoon away from the outside world, well join me for an afternoon of fun!

The Experience Overview

  • On arrival you will be served a handmade textured goblet full of prosecco, and welcomed into the space, once you are all settled we will talk through ideas of what objects you would like to make. You will get the most out of this experience if you come with a making goal, this can be anything from a snack bowl to a narrow necked bud vase. 

  • I will then take you through to the studio and provide a demonstration. Within this demonstration I will teach you the basics of throwing on the potter's wheel including how to create the base of your vessel, how to pull the walls up, and other fundamental skills.
    If you have a specific thing you want to make then this demonstration will be tailored to create the object you want to make, this could include using more tools or different hand positions to create the narrowed necked vessels.
    We will then go through some finishing touches such as spouts and smartening up the vessels, and taking the excess clay from around the base of the vessel. 

  • Once you are sitting comfortably at the wheel with an apron on and any jewellery on your hands and wrists taken off we shall get the wheel spinning and create your first ever vessel!
    For the first vessel I will go through each step that I showed in the demonstration providing personal one to one tuition and will tailor hand positions to suit individual needs

  • Throwing your second vessel, you will be a professional by this time so i will still be there to prompt and guide you through making the vessel, but you will be more than confident and knowledgeable to create perfection. The aim of this session is to give you an experience but also teach you the skills to create the vessels.

  • After you have all thrown your two pieces we will then go through which glaze colours you can have on your pieces, usually a choice of three colours which have been mixed up from scratch using a variety of different minerals and oxides. 

  • You will then have the opportunity to sit and have a chat on the decking while finishing off your drinks, nibbling on the snacks provided and taking selfies (of course photos can be taken throughout the whole process as well) with the amazing vessels you created from just a ball of clay!


The Best Bits After completing this experience you will have an understanding of how to throw and will be able to take this with you to further lessons or as a fun party trick! This is a great opportunity for you to get together and learn new things and make awesome memories with your loved ones. You will have your two objects to use and look at everyday, reminding you of the experience and a physical thing that you made which is a privilege in itself. 

Included in The Price

This is a great value for money experience as once you have paid everything is included within the price. 

You get two pre prepared stoneware clay balls, access to my studio and all the equipment and tools you will need for making the vessels. Personal 1 to 1 tuition for the whole time you are throwing on the wheel, with tailored demonstrations. 

I clean up your vessels, name and date them, put them into the kiln (a specialised piece of equipment that can reach temperatures of 1290 degree Celsius) for their first firing making them into permanent ceramics. I also glaze the pieces for you using my own recipes that have been mixed up from scratch. The pieces are then put back into the kiln for their glaze firing, the firing takes about 3 to 4 days each to reach temperature and then cool down enough to be taken out. 

Finally the bottoms of the pieces are sanded to make sure they won't scratch any surfaces before being wrapped in recycled paper and are ready to be collected.

Available Dates in December

Please note, if non of these date suit just give me an email and im sure we can arrange a date. 

Monday 5th

Thursday 8th

Friday 9th

Monday 12th
Thursday 15th


Sessions start at either 10am or 1pm and usually last an hour and a half to two hours

Pots and Prosecco for Two People- £95

Pots and Prosecco for Three People- £129

Pots and Coffee for Two People- £85

Pots and Coffee for Three People- £115

Gift Voucher for a friend? After payment you will be emailed with a Gift Voucher which will give your friends 3 months to arrange a date to attend the experience.

For Yourself? You can either buy a Gift Voucher by clicking the buy now button or pop me an email to arrange a date first and then I will sort the transaction for you. Alternatively add your date and time from the available dates below in a message at check out. 

This lesson block will be composed of three sessions where you will cover throwing decorating
with slip and glazing. These sessions will be 1 to 2 or 1 to 3.

The throwing session you will learn how to weigh and wedge your clay before centering and throwing into a shape of your desire. 

The following session I will teach you how to use slip to decorate the pieces you have created creating patterns, designs and textures on the surface of your vessel. 

The final week will be glazing where I will show you how to glaze your piece and then time allowing you will practice your throwing skills. 

The pieces will then be fired and be available for pick up shortly after that. Due to the nature of clay the first two sessions will be done within a week of each other.


Three Lesson Block - £115 per person 

Sessions are from 10 to 12pm or 5 to 7pm, this includes all materials for making, decorating and glazing two pieces, an extra £1 per 100gram of clay used for additional pieces will be charged. 

Please note these sessions only go ahead with two or more people so there might be a wait for the next session.

This session is perfect for those who want to taylour their throwing to a specific skill and want to learn the whole throwing process.
These sessions are held on a 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 basis so that you can get the most out of the sessions.
During these sessions we will wedge, weigh and throw clay. The shapes and amount of clay used is completely up to you, this can be from vessels intended for use to intense repetition or to improve skill.

These sessions are £30 per hour for one person(£45 per hour for two people) for as many hours as you like. During this session you can use as much clay as you like which will be recycled at the end of the session.
If you would like to keep your creations it is £2 per 100grams with them being glazed. 


Due to the nature of these sessions please email me with enquiries or to organise a session


Of course if you have any questions drop me a message.

Iona Stock