Throwing Experiences

Pots and Prosecco


Join me for an afternoon of fun! Maybe you have started learning a new craft over lockdown and want to continue the skill or need an afternoon away to catch up with the girls!

During this afternoon you will learn how to make a ball of clay into the ideal drinking flute. This will be taught on the potter's wheel and I will provide a demonstration on how to throw using the wheel, you will then take over and I will help you throw your first piece. You will then throw your second piece more independently as you will now no doubt be a professional!


Sessions will be from 1pm to 3pm

Prosecco and Nibbles for Two People- £85

Prosecco and Nibbles for Three People- £115

Coffee and Nibbles for Two People- £75

Coffee and Nibbles for Three People- £105 

After payment you will be emailed with a Gift Voucher which will give you 3 months to arrange a date to attend the experience. 

During the whole afternoon there will be Prosecco, cake and nibbles providing the afternoon with a fun feeling atmosphere and the perfect opportunity to catch up with some friends over a fun activity.  

Once the pieces are finished I will glaze them in a colour of your choosing and you will be able to pick them up within a couple of weeks or arrange postage if you are not local.

This lesson block will be composed of three sessions where you will cover throwing decorating
with slip and glazing. These sessions will be 1 to 1 or 1 to 2.

The throwing session you will learn how to weigh and wedge your clay before centering and throwing into a shape of your desire. 

The following session I will teach you how to use slip to decorate the pieces you have created creating patterns, designs and textures on the surface of your vessel. 

The final week will be glazing where I will show you how to glaze your piece. 

The pieces will then be fired and be available for pick up shortly after that. Due to the nature of clay the first two sessions will be done within a week of each other.


Three Lesson Block - £105

Sessions are from 10 to 12pm or 5 to 7pm, this includes all materials for making, decorating and glazing two pieces, an extra £1 per 100gram of clay used for additional pieces will be charged. 

This session is perfect for those who want to taylour their throwing to a specific skill and want to learn the whole throwing process.
These sessions are held on a 1 to 1 basis so that you can get the most out of the sessions.
During these sessions we will wedge, weigh and throw clay. The shapes and amount of clay used is completely up to you, this can be from vessels intended for use to intense repetition to improve skill.

These sessions are from £25 per hour for as many hours as you like, 2 pieces or about 1kg of clay is included within the session any further pieces are £1 per 100grams.

Due to the nature of these sessions please email me with enquiries or to organise a session


Of course if you have any questions drop me a message.

Iona Stock