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Throwing Experiences

The Pots and Prosecco Experience

Fancy learning a new skill? Or just need an afternoon away from the outside world, well join me for an afternoon of fun!

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The Experience Overview

  • On arrival you will be welcomed into the space, with prosecco and nibbles (to be enjoyed at your leisure) We will talk through ideas of what objects you would like to make. You will get the most out of this experience if you come with a making goal, this can be anything from a snack bowl to a narrow necked bud vase. 

  • I will then provide a demonstration. This demonstration includes all the basics of throwing on the potter's wheel with a tailored demonstration to your intended vessel. 

  • Once you are sitting comfortably at the wheel we will create your first ever vessel! 
    For the first vessel I will go through it with you step by step providing personal one to one tuition and will tailor hand positions to suit individual needs

  • You will independently throw your second vessel, I will be there for guidance, but you will be more than confident and knowledgeable to create perfection. The aim of this session is to give you an experience but also teach you the skills to take home. 

  • After throwing your two pieces we will then go through which glaze colours you want, usually a choice of three glaze colours which have been mixed up from scratch using a variety of different minerals and oxides. 

  • You will then have the opportunity to sit and have a chat on the decking while finishing off your drinks, nibbling on the snacks provided and taking selfies (of course photos can be taken throughout the whole process as well) with the amazing vessels you created from just a ball of clay!


Included in The Price

You get two pre prepared stoneware clay balls, access to my studio and all the equipment and tools you will need for making the vessels. Personal 1 to 1 tuition for the whole time you are throwing on the wheel, with tailored demonstrations. Your two vessels are then fired twice and glazed to your colour preference, they will be ready to collect or be posted in 2-4 weeks.


Sessions start at either 10am or 1pm and usually last an hour and a half to two hours

Pots and Prosecco for Two People- £95

Pots and Coffee for Two People- £85


Just Pots for Two People- £70


Pots and Prosecco for Three People- £129

Pots and Coffee for Three People- £115

Gift Voucher for a friend?
The Gift voucher have a 3 month acknowledgement period to book or extend the voucher for a further 9 months,

Buying for 
Yourself? You can buy a Gift Voucher by clicking the buy now button add your date and time from the available dates below in a message at check out. 

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Available Dates in 2023

Please note, if non of these date suit just give me an email and we can arrange a date. 

Sessions run at 10am, 1pm or 6pm (summer time)


Tues 7th, Mon 13th (1pm Only), Tues 14th, Mon 20th(10am Only), Tues 28th 

Mon 4th, Fri 8th 

This is the most fantastic session for those who are wanting to learn how to throw, trying something different or looking for a refresher as a hobbyist potter. It covers all the fundamental skills that you will need to learn to continue making and decorating pots.



During the  morning session we will cover clay preparation. This includes how to wedge the clay in two different ways talking about the importance of this to remove air bubbles and align the structure of the clay.
We then go onto weighing th
e clay and preparing it to start throwing, moving onto the wheel. I provide a demonstration of all the skills, techniques and tools needed to throw a vessel, tailoring this demonstration to the end goal you have in mind for example a jug, mug, bowl, vase.

You will then move onto the wheel and I will talk you through the throwing process problem solving as we go so that you have the best chance of success.
You can throw as many vessels as you like in this session, maybe exploring different shapes. At the end of the throwing session we will pick the two vessels to bring into the decoration stage. 

Two pieces are included in the price, any further vessels are £2 per 100 grams of clay.  


The afternoon session will start with all the different decorating techniques availble and colours.   I will provide a quick demonstration painting and the sgraffito technique using a needle tool to scratch through to the raw clay underneath the slip. You can also use tools to take clay away engraving into the surface of the vessels. You can decorate the pieces with whatever design you would like, there will be inspiration around the studio mainly in the form of trees or my own porcelain vessels.

The Price
(You can add in the paypal notes which afternoon session you want, you can also decide this on the day)

The Full Day Experience as a 1 to 1 tailored experience £140

The Full Day Experience as an intermate 2 to 1 tailored experience £210

For larger groups please give me a message via the contact page with the session name and number of people wanting to attend. 

This is just the introduction to throwing and generally starting out, there are many more things we can cover going forwards, such as glazing, kilns, firings, different shapes, plates, narrow opening vases, lids, spouts attached and manipulated, throwing off the hump, decorating, texturising and so so much more 

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Two Day Pottery Workshop

Join Iona at her Studio in Nawton (YO627RQ) for a fantastic two day ceramics workshop, we will cover coil building techniques, throwing on the potter's wheel and decorating techniques.

This course takes inspiration from Kirkdale with the Anglo-Saxon Church, St Gregory's Minster, and the history packed cave. We will be making coil built karaffe, some little thrown drinking vessels which will be decorated with the inspiration from our walk down into Kirkdale hearing the stories about the caves and taking patterns from the church. 

Enquire on the contact page 

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