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Yorkshire Tea Collection

Iona Stock is a ceramic artist and teacher, creating highly decorated hand thrown functional porcelain ware that bring joy to the everyday. 

These pieces are decorated with manganese oxide, cobalt oxide and china clay creating a slip which Iona uses to decorate the painterly, illustrative designs from plein air drawings of the rural location of her studio.

The joy and peacefulness of place is transferred into the pieces though the highly intensive making process.

Flooded Field Design

The Yorkshire Tea Flooded Field Design is inspired by a very chilly walk around Salton (Near Wombleton) with the dog, we came across a beautiful flooded field which had then frozen with trees and shrubs poking out from the frozen water creating a lovely scene.

Corn Design 

My shed studio has the most wonderful view out onto open fields, last summer after a long day I popped out to appreciate the sunset. The last of the sun's rays caught the golden heads of wheat, I thought a brown slip for this design would be more fitting.

Scots Pine Design 

The Scots Pine Design is an interpretation of the bottom of my garden, for a change of scenery I was painting the vessels outside and looked up to see the garden. I had a spare vessel next to me so painted the new design straight onto the pots, with a few tweaks the design came into fruition.

Hazy Forest Design