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Welcome to the online Gallery, the works below start with the most recent pieces, please enquire about sales in the contact section of the website or visit IMS Ceramics in person. 

The Textured Collection

Colour and texture are influential themes within Iona's work, creating a series and functional and sculptural pieces embrasing these themes and exploring materiality. 

Malton Sculpture Trail
"The Donut"

While as an artist in residency at The University of Sunderland as part of an AA2A Scheme, Iona Stock has been continuing to explore scale, form and colour.

Pushing scale on the potter's wheel Iona has joined different thrown components together to create this sculptural vessel which consists of a hollow donut in its centre supported by two straight cylindrical vessels. Resulting in a fantastic mix of straight and curved surfaces with a framed hollow space in its centre.

Iona uses specialist silicon carbide glazes, which are layered in complimentary turquoises, greens,  dark blues and golden browns. Once fired this has generated a fantastic surface finish with a variety of different textures and colour combinations due to the overlapping and layering of the glazes.This Donut vessel has come into fruition due to the recent development of works Iona has been creating while playing with forms, textures and colours on a larger scale. 

Yorkshire Tea Collection

Iona Stock is a ceramic artist and teacher, creating highly decorated hand thrown functional porcelain ware that bring joy to the everyday. 

Iona Stock IMS Ceramics porcelain thrown throwing Iona Ceramics

These pieces are decorated with manganese oxide, cobalt oxide and china clay creating a slip which Iona uses to decorate the painterly, illustrative designs from plein air drawings of the rural location of her studio.

The joy and peacefulness of place is transferred into the pieces though the highly intensive making process.

Flooded Field Design

The Yorkshire Tea Flooded Field Design is inspired by a very chilly walk around Salton (Near Wombleton) with the dog, we came across a beautiful flooded field which had then frozen with trees and shrubs poking out from the frozen water creating a lovely scene.

Scots Pine Design 

The Scots Pine Design is an interpretation of the bottom of my garden, for a change of scenery I was painting the vessels outside and looked up to see the garden. I had a spare vessel next to me so painted the new design straight onto the pots, with a few tweaks the design came into fruition.

Corn Design 

My shed studio has the most wonderful view out onto open fields, last summer after a long day I popped out to appreciate the sunset. The last of the sun's rays caught the golden heads of wheat, I thought a brown slip for this design would be more fitting.

The Holy Trinity Church Project 2022

"Iona Stock is a ceramicist and University of Sunderland graduate working from her home studio in Nawton. She developed a new body of work in response to the architecture and presence of Seventeen Nineteen - based in Holy Trinity Church, Sunderland.Playing with texture, colour and the unique lighting of the space. 

Iona Stock IMS Ceramics porcelain thrown throwing Iona Ceramics

Stock has chosen the Apse as a canvas for her ideas. Reflecting the intimate space, sense of balance and calm in the forms of her organic vessels, she has created an installation that changes as the day passes, the light illuminating different elements and casting intricate shadows " -Lily Daniels