Process and Experiments

Below are a selection of processes and videos, more process piectures are available on my Instagram

Process video and picture of creating the crackle vessels. 

First put a layer of porcelain slip or sodium silicate on the surface of the thrown vessel, this layer is then dried out using a torch and finally the vessel is thrown out into its final stage creating cracks within the surface texture.

Process pictures of the making of a large vessel done in three parts. Iona uses a thrown coil technique to add the separate parts onto the vessel. This enables Iona to create larger pieces as they can be done in more parts.  

Blowing glass into a vessel, the aim of this experiment was to see if the glass could become a liner for the inside of the vessel, however it seems as if the video is more interesting than either of the physical pieces. I am interested in the movement and transformation of the pieces.

Beow is a video of hot glass being poured into a leather hard vessel, further experiments in transforming a vessel and pushing the medium to the point destruction. This piece talks of the functionality and its priority being to contain however, this may not always be the case.